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Gabby & Chris’ Maternity Photos…3 weeks to go!!!

Posted by Gabby B in October 20, 2011

Well guys…We are only 3 WEEKS AWAY from welcoming our precious little baby boy, Gavin, into the world! We can’t even express the excitement that we are feeling right now as we wait for his arrival!!

I’m really hoping that Gavin decides to come sooner than later, but the doctor’s prediction is that he will be a 40-41 week baby, which is apparently common for 1st time moms.. (Lord, help me…lol). That means, he could be over 8lbs and my plan is a natural birth!! I still have hope that he will prove the doctor’s wrong!! I’ve only dilated 1 centimer (to-date) but that could change at any moment. So apparently, Gavin is in no hurry to get here yet. That’s okay, we’ll be waiting for him whenever he decides to arrive :)

We are both now in the “nesting” (cleaning) phase. I had no idea it took so much to prepare for a baby around the house!! Well, it’s definitely giving us a chance to get our fall cleaning done from top to bottom!

Chris and I took some amazing maternity shots at the end of September to document our first pregnancy and would like to share them with you all. Please enjoy and tell us what you think!!!

P.S. We are still in the process of putting the final touches on the nursery so please stay tuned for photos!!!


Gabby & Chris

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Baby Ballard…On the home stretch!!

Posted by Gabby B in October 3, 2011

Wow…September was a crazy month for us as we are continuing to prepare for Baby Gavin’s arrival!!

We took a short “Babymoon” to Chicago over Labor Day weekend, just to get away and spend time with each other before our lives completely change. We visited the Navy Pier, took in a Cirque de Soleil show and took a boat tour of the city skyline… It was a busy, but much needed vacation!!!

And yes…I know, I’m OFFICIALLY huge now…lol

"Babymoon" in Chicago, IL

Baby Shower
My friends and family threw me a baby shower the last weekend in September and it turned out to be an AMAZING DAY! The weather was perfect for an outdoor event…and a Rubber Duckie themed shower!!! All of my friends and family came to shower Baby Gavin with gifts and love. Take a look at some of the fun pics!!!

I cant’ believe that we are nearly 5 weeks away from welcoming our sweet little boy into the world! His due date is Wednesday, November 9th, if he doesn’t decide to make an early appearance (he’s already head-down and ready for take-off…lol).

We are just about finished with the nursery and I can tell it’s getting close to his arrival date because I’m starting to get into my “Nesting” phase. I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom over the weekend, packed my hospital bag and washed and folded all of Gavin’s clothes…all in ONE EVENING!!! Don’t ask me where I got the energy from, and as a result, I’m a Zombie today :) We will be posting pics soon of the nursery once it’s complete!!

More Travel
I know…you’re wondering, “Where could they possibly be heading at almost 36 weeks pregnant?!! Sit down somewhere!!!” We are heading down to Nashville, TN this weekend for another baby shower (unbelievable, huh?!) that Chris’ parents are hosting for us!!!The doctor said it was okay as long as I didn’t do anymore traveling after the 36th week mark, so I just made it! We will post pics from this event as well…

Maternity Photo Shoot
We just got our proofs back from our maternity photo shoot in September and they are fabulous!! It was kind of a rainy day when to took them, but our photographer is so talented, we incorporated umbrellas and the rain in the shoot. It was awesome!! Thank you J.W. Photography!!!

Since we have so many fun things still ahead over the next couple of weeks, please stay tuned for more updates and pics on Baby Gavin Ballard!! And as always…thanks for visiting our baby blog!!

Gabby & Chris

Less than 3 months to go…already?!!

Posted by Gabby B in August 16, 2011

Blessed Parents @ 22 Weeks

Wow!! We are in the third trimester!!! I will be 28 weeks this week!! Where has time gone? So much to do and so little time…

Choosing a Name
A lot has happened since the last time we’ve spoken to everyone!
After a long thought process, We finally have chosen a name for our little boy….Gavin Alexander Ballard! A prestigious name for a little boy in which God has already destined for greatness! And ironically, his initials will be G.A.B. :)

Baby’s Development
Our little guy has grown so much since our last doctor’s visit. We
have a doctors appointment next week and he should be close to
2lbs or more at this point! He’s becoming very active and we’ve
discovered that he enjoys Michael Jackson! We were playing Wii one
evening…The Michael Jackson Experience, and Gavin was moving and kicking (hard) for 2 hours straight!!! Such a funny baby…lol

Sleep Schedule
We are also beginning to learn his sleeping/awake schedule. So far,
we’ve discovered he wakes up at 11pm, 3am and 7am. Guess who
will be taking the 3am shift? My lovely husband…:)

My cravings have changed since my first and 2nd trimester have
passed. I’m really into pizza right now (no particular kind) and
watermelon! I still get a little queasy in the evenings and for some
reason the watermelon eases the pain…weird, but whatever works, right?

We just received Gavin’s baby bedding so now we’re ready to start
working on the nursery; I can’t wait! We also finished the baby
registry which is a task in itself!! We are registered at Baby’s R Us
and Target. Why does there have to be so many name brands with
the same styles and products…geez louise?!

We’ve included several pics for your viewing pleasure as my “baby bump” progressively grows!! I’m starting to feel like a roly poly! I’m 20 lbs up so far (don’t judge me) and my back is NOT particularly happy about it. Why didn’t anyone warn me about these backaches from hell? Thank God for heating pads and husbands with massaging hands of endurance! Enjoy!!

P.S. Leave a comment and tell us what you think about Gavin’s progress!

Gabby & Chris

Gabby @ 24 weeks

Gabby @ 26 weeks

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Baby Ballard…It’s a BOY!!!

Posted by CBallard in June 30, 2011

Well…there you have it!!! Our first born is a beautiful BABY BOY and he’s on his way here to meet us! We are so excited!!! I personally knew that he was a little boy since the day I found out I was pregnant but for some reason, many people believed that he was a girl! Besides, by the pic below, I’m carrying kind of high and if the old wives’ tale is true, it applies to me!! Better luck next time to all the “Pretty in Pink” voters….lol.

Baby Ballard at Cardinals Game @ 20 weeks

 Baby Ballard is growing at a healthy rate and getting very active! I am 5 months and 1 week to-date. Chris rubbed my tummy a couple of days ago and felt a flutter from the baby for the first time!! What an AMAZING feeling for a first-time Dad!!

Our parents are going crazy about this baby! They’ve been dying to go baby shopping and now since they know the sex…it’s baby shopping time for everyone! We already know he’s going to be spoiled rotten! :) . Our FUTURE NUPE is on his way (Lord, help me…lol)!!!

Check out some of our baby’s ultrasound pics below!! The first pic is our baby sucking his fingers/thumb…how ADORABLE! The next set of photos (last two at the bottom) are clear signs to show that he is a little boy…lol. Follow the arrow on the pic. We love him so much already!!

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!



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Baby Ballard’s on the move…..

Posted by CBallard in June 28, 2011


Baby Ballard in Riviera Maya, MX @ 16 weeks


Mayan Warrior in Mexico @ 16 weeks


Baby Ballard in Branson, MO w/ Family @ 18 weeks


Baby Ballard at Cardinals Game @ 20 weeks

We have had many adventures with Baby Ballard over the last couple of months!! Great trips with many more to come in the future!! No more morning sicknesss (Thank You, Lord!) and I’m feeling pretty good! My belly has grown so much as well! I’ve only gained 8 lbs so far but I’m definitely feeling this new weight, especially in my back…wooh! Chris has been very supportive (as much as he can be) but he get’s a little perturbed because of the mass quantities of pillows that are taking up the bed now!!
Chris is starting to get the nursery ready for our little bundle…so many things to do and so little time!!! We’re going back and forth with the color scheme right now. Although we are finding out the sex, I think we are going to stick with neutral colors. And for some reason, we’ve become obsesseed with rubber duckies, hahaha!!!
We have an appointment with the doc soon to find out the sex of the baby so stay tuned!!!

Pretty in Pink or Krimson & Kream?

Posted by CBallard in June 21, 2011

The time has finally arrived! On June 27th, 2011 we’ll find out the gender of Baby Ballard…. We initally thought we could wait to find out the gender, but we are just too anxious to start preparing for our baby. We’re interested to find out what everyone is thinking we’ll be Blessed with….

To help you make an educated decision:

1st Trimester Symptoms: Morning (rather, all day sickness) until Week 16. Hated anything sweet, only wanted salty and sour foods with the exception of Chinese food…yuck!!! Couldn’t stand to drink orange juice and drank Gatorade all the time because water increased nausea.

Cravings: Not too many cravings at this point. They are very sporadic and usually only one time cravings. The only consistent cravings currently are apple juice & chocolate…yummy!!!

A Future AKA or Baby Nupe?


AKA Legacy


Future Nupe


Baby Ballard will be a…

 AKA Legacy (Girl) 

 Future Nupe (Boy) 

View Results


The Announcement…

Posted by CBallard in May 20, 2011

Proud Parents to be....

It is with great pleasure that we announce the expectancy of our 1st child! We are so overwhelmed with emotion as we anticipate the arrival of Baby Ballard.

We’d like to keep you all updated throughout this journey into parenthood, so we created this blog to keep you informed on Baby Ballard’s progress.

Stay tuned as we will provide updates on a bi-weekly/monthly basis. Please feel free to leave a comment and/or words of encouragement…

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